INFINITE Official Trailer (2021)

INFINITE Official Trailer (2021) Mark Wahlberg, Action Movie HD
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  1. acetate909


    I love it when characters explain someone's own life to them in a way that offers perfect exposition for a movie trailer.

  2. AA-VFX


    The last months my KZonlines recommendations bot went to sleep on a deserted island. I'm glad he's back. This trailer looks amazing. I should subscribe asap

  3. apdo samer

    apdo samer

    this would've been way better as a tv show. you can make however many seasons with it, they'll never die.

  4. Ezeekyule Emel

    Ezeekyule Emel

    when you're stuck writing a script, just remember, you can always have a car crash right into the middle of the scene and a woman can yell "get in".

  5. TheBabouc


    I like how in all his past lives he's some kind of badass instead of a peasant farmer like 99% of the time

  6. Jennyfer Rios

    Jennyfer Rios

    Looks interesting. Love Mark. 🥰Just finished watching this movie. I like it. Good storyline, good cast, good action. Mark did good and looks really good.

  7. Elijah


    That car scene where cars seemingly fly through walls without damaging anything is STILL more realistic than fast and furious

  8. Square Creative

    Square Creative

    "If you think of every movie where someone is a) a kick ass assassin with a lost memory, b) chased by bad guys who drive through buildings to get you and c) find yourself flanked by a hot blonde with a machine gun and the eye of a sharp shooter - then you are in the infinite world of the modern day action movie."

  9. TakebackTruth


    The real hero here is Chiwetel for being able to give that talk so patiently with so much style over a 1000 times.

  10. SilentGas


    The beauty of this plot was you can definitely make this movie infinite. The biggest headache for the movie industry right now was how to replace an actor because of old age, issues etc without butchering the story of the franchise but this movie is different because it's not solely dependent on the actor but the character itself.

  11. J The BK

    J The BK

    This movie was freaking awesome yet for some reason the reviews are awful. I have no idea why. People said it was confusing but it was a super simple time bending action movie where the good guys have to stop the bad guy and save the world and it's budget showed heavily. From Aston Martin's to custom motorcycles armorys full of thousand dollar guns, samurai swords, planes, mansions, they did such an amazing job showing what people would do with wealth acquired over multiple lifetimes. The amount of money put into this movie and the cinematography makes the visual experience alone worth the watch it's a visually stunning movie.

  12. Rollo Tape

    Rollo Tape

    I give it a 5 out of 10. Interesting story, I liked the premise of the movie , problem was execution. It starts alright but halfway through it goes downhill with some stupid plotholes and those ridiculous fire fighting / fighting scenes which are so cliche nowadays, just makes you roll your eyes...

  13. David Sarotte

    David Sarotte

    I'm so excited to see him play another character as himself again.

  14. William Breen

    William Breen

    This looks like a pretty cool movie! I am a fan of the actor Mark Wahlberg he always brings a good performance it's good to see he is still relevant in 2021 among the Hollywood douchebag Elite! I believe Mark Wahlberg like Keanu Reeves is a real genuine person! That's why I watch his movies.

  15. Jeff Holt

    Jeff Holt

    Producer: What do you think about being something original. Take your character a different direction. Be something else that people would like to see?

  16. jazz ba

    jazz ba

    This could have been such a great movie if they only focused more on his past lives than on fast cars, money, etc.

  17. Rosa Magna

    Rosa Magna

    Filmes desse cara é muito bom

  18. John Caldwell

    John Caldwell

    This movie gets a lot of hate, but it's a decent movie. There are so many ways it could have been improved from writing to directing. Mostly directing as scenes don't transition smoothly causing the story to seem rushed. Some elements needed to be expounded on including background and development of relationships between characters. With that said, the acting is satisfactory to good and there is enough of the story to get an okay idea of what is going on though you are left a bit unfulfilled. It's worth a watch.

  19. krsforever


    That car was going through those walls like the whole building is made out of cardboard... and not even a scratch on the vehicle. Seems legit.

  20. Close Cerion

    Close Cerion

    "you will understand, who you can become..."