MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero" Opening Scene (2021)

MORTAL KOMBAT "Scorpion VS Sub-Zero Fight" Opening Scene Clip (2021)
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  1. Discovering Music Club

    Discovering Music Club

    It is very kind of the guys to wait while he builds his tool

  2. Top 5 Auto Repairs

    Top 5 Auto Repairs

    Childhood video games coming alive on the screen. This is awesome 👌

  3. Liv


    Can we just appreciate the fact that Hiroyuki Sanada is 60 years old and moves like a 25 year old? There should be a movie based on Hanzo/Scorpion alone! It would be epic!

  4. Ragin Lemon

    Ragin Lemon

    This was the only scene in the movie that was a solid 10/10 it’s a damn shame they didn’t stick with it. In all honesty I would’ve just preferred if the whole movie was Hanzo and Bi Han I always felt that the 2 most iconic characters in mortal kombat kinda deserve a stand alone film.

  5. Spartanslay3r 72

    Spartanslay3r 72

    The fact that this man moves better at 60 years old compared to me running up and down the stairs at 20 is amazing.

  6. theninjamaker


    If the whole movie was this style it would of been one of the best movies ever!

  7. Captain Eggcellent

    Captain Eggcellent

    This looks unreal. I’m so excited.

  8. Vincent C

    Vincent C

    What were the writers thinking? Hey we just gave Scorpion a compelling origin and an awesome fight scene. Now let’s spend 2 hrs on a guy named Cole Young who can punch moderately hard.

  9. Yasmina


    The intensity in Hiroyuki Sanada's eyes in all his movies always leaves me speechless, I don't know if I like him more in action scenes or in emotional scenes, he always nails both 💙

  10. Victor Acosta

    Victor Acosta

    I like that they showed Hanzo use actual rope dart skills before becoming Scorpion.

  11. MyKarateJournal


    "I may not understand your words, but I'm going to kill you"... Gave me more chills than Sub-zero throughout this scene. How he even listens to Sub-zero even though he doesn't undestand any of it. Without even blinking... ready to attack.

  12. Andrew Jelen

    Andrew Jelen

    The way Hanzo yelled out "BI-HAN!!!" is full of fiery anger and rage. Sanada-san nailed Hanzo.

  13. Stephen Wonderboy Thompson

    Stephen Wonderboy Thompson


  14. Don Rajah

    Don Rajah

    Hiroyuki Sanada is the ultimate samurai. I didn't think there was anyone who could play a lead samurai better than Toshiro Mifune but Sanada has done it.

  15. soiung toiue

    soiung toiue

    Hiroyuki Sanada is the ultimate samurai. I didn't think there was anyone who could play a lead samurai better than Toshiro Mifune but Sanada has done it.

  16. Axel Shadow

    Axel Shadow

    This intro and the last fight with subzero and Scorpion are the best parts of the movie , it’s insane how underused hiroki sanada is in this film, him and joe talsim are the best actors and fighters in the film I think

  17. gabriel barblay

    gabriel barblay

    This man showed nothing but HIS EYES the entire movie and still displayed SO MUCH emotion and personality EVERY TIME he was on screen, such a great actor. Respect

  18. Mike ivey

    Mike ivey

    I love how he instantly forgot about grief and sadness and went pure god



    That gameplay felt soo real

  20. Neon Ruffian

    Neon Ruffian

    As a Scorpion fan I really loved Subzero in this movie. He's always a dope character. I just really appreciate how badass and menacing they made him.